Cross Border made easy

We solve the complex challenges of international e-commerce. exporto helps you reach your customers abroad just as easily as you do at home.

One solution for all cross-border business

Our end-to-end solution provides a one-stop shop for logistics, tax, customs and software. All perfectly aligned and as simple as "plug & play".

Our services for your cross-border shipment


Due to our partnerships with the most commonly used ERP and WMS platforms, our software can be integrated into all existing IT setups. Additionally, for highly complex systems, our open API is at your disposal.


We automatically enrich your order data with the required master data through our API and convert it into customs declarations. The data exchange is purely digital and requires absolutely no clicks.


All turnover and tax data is extracted automatically from your system, processed and submitted on time to all obligatory offices. Our fiscal experts ensure your fiscal representation outside the EU and are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.


We manage the pick-up at your warehouse via our transport network – flexibly and always at the latest possible cut-off. We ship your parcels to the country of destination overnight, so you don't notice any operational difference between domestic and international pick-ups.


By linking with your WMS system, we can easily create the labels of your chosen carriers in the country of destination. Both inbound and outbound labels can be easily and automatically integrated into your shipping process.


Our API enables you to view all relevant tracking information in your familiar systems and to determine the time of transmission to your customers. Additionally, our dashboards provide you with an extended overview of the complete supply chain.


We receive the returns of your customers abroad locally at our international return centres and handle them on your behalf. You receive a notification for every return package through our system and have flexible control over the SLAs.


If a shipment is damaged or lost, all claim processes are managed through us. Through our Customer Success Team, refunds are requested quickly and easily and the satisfaction of your customers is guaranteed even in exceptional situations.

Why to choose exporto:

Guarantee the shortest international delivery times and rely on uncomplicated return procedures with no hidden costs.
Fulfill the SLAs of all platforms – be where your target group shops.
Profit from late cut-offs through automated customs and tax processing.
And best of all: You don't have to change anything technically – our software easily integrates with your existing setup via API.

Easy shipping across EU borders

Shipment to Switzerland
in 2 business days

Benefit from 88% higher purchasing power and realize your potential.

Shipment to the UK
in 2–3 business days

Thrive in one of Europe's strongest e-commerce markets.

Would you like to shorten your delivery times or automate manual processes?

With us you can ship quickly and easily - and neither you nor your customers will feel the parcels crossing the border.